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Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 PT-BR X64 ISO Setup Free [Latest] 2022




start menu will not appear in c:windows my laptop, i create a new partition and install windows. and now i dont have the start menu, the only way is to boot in windows recovery and restore to factory... how can i fix this? still having this problem: Is there a way to backup all of my files to a file? AaronCampbell: the cli way would be to cp -a /sourcefolder/* /targetfolder/ zerowaitstate: does it have the Windows logo? Hello! I have some problem with Ubuntu 14.04 (64bit) - I have two hard drives. The first one is blank. The other one has Ubuntu 14.04 installed and I am having problems with network interfaces. I have 2 adapters, one is connected to a router using DHCP, and the other one is connected to a switch to which the cable from the router is connected. In Windows I can see both adapters (in the Ethernet controller), but Ubuntu only sees one AaronCampbell: with rsync xangua: correct I am going to a distro which doesn't have "backup" installed So it doesn't look like I can do it with that method AaronCampbell: there is a command to do that, but you can't use it without the backup software installed Ok, I'll try and find it AaronCampbell: personally I use apt-cache and apt-get, and a backup software (daily, etc) EriC^^, i can't use nvidia-352.21 since it has some problem with my gpu EriC^^, so i downloaded the previous version EriC^^, EriC^^, and here is my problem, when i run



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Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 PT-BR X64 ISO Setup Free [Latest] 2022

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