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Custom made for every home


Basic Crawl Door

For this door the frame and door are made out of pressure treated lumber. The door is a 3/4 inch thick treated plywood door. Pressure treated wood is resistant to termites and wood rot.

Classic Crawl Door

The classic door has the same pressure treated frame as the basic door but is upgraded with a door made out of a 3/4 inch thick PVC board.


Premium Door

The premium door is our highest quality door. Made out of materials that will last multiple lifetimes! The frame is made out of 2x6 composite and 1x4 PVC lumber. Then we round it off with a 3/4 inch thick PVC board for the door. It's safe to say, you'll never need another crawl door again!

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A quality crawl door is overlooked in many houses, but if you don't have a solid crawl door then you could be allowing pests and moisture into your crawl space. Many houses have the metal crawl doors installed which rust and deform quickly.  But we're here to change that!

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