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Vapor Barriers

Does your house smell musty or moldy? 

All crawlspaces should have vapor barriers in this humid climate, not only to protect your home’s structural integrity, but also your family’s health and wellbeing. Breathing in that moldy, musty air is not healthy for anyone.

Does your crawl space look like this?

It's very common to have debris of all kinds littering your crawl space. But that doesn't make it right!


Or this?

Did you know that leaving exposed dirt in your crawl space could be your number one culprit for moisture issues that can lead to mold growth?

A vapor barrier is a MUST!

Every home in Western KY  and Southern IL should have at least a vapor barrier. Without one, your home's foundation is in danger and it could lead to costly repairs. We always do a thorough clean out before laying a new vapor barrier and we use a heavy duty landscape stake to secure it in multiple places, paying attention to high traffic areas. 



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