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YIKES, MOLD!! The worst four letter word when talking about the crawl space. 

Dealing with mold is nobody's idea of a good time, especially when it pops up in your crawl space. Imagine seeing your insulation drooping down between the floor joists or even falling to the ground. That's a big red flag that moisture is causing some serious trouble. 
You see, insulation soaks up moisture like a sponge, and when it's hanging around your floor joists, it's like giving mold a cozy place to breed. Once mold takes over the insulation, there's a real need for mold remediation. It's not just about looks either – that moisture can cause real damage over time, compromising your home's structure and posing risks to your health. We can tackle mold, but we don’t use traditional methods that are often toxic and full of chemicals. We use an environmentally and non-toxic method called soda blasting.


We believe soda blasting is the best method for removing mold from the crawl space.

Soda blasting is a gentle yet effective cleaning method for mold remediation in crawl spaces. Powered by high-pressure air, this technique utilizes baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) to remove mold and mildew without the need for harsh chemicals or abrasive scrubbing. It's used to blast the mold off of the floor joist, subfloor, support beams, and any other surfaces it has started to grow on. Soda blasting ensures thorough mold elimination while preserving the integrity of underlying surfaces. This makes it a safe choice for both occupants and workers, rendering it ideal for crawl space mold remediation.


This is a crawl space that we treated for mold. Insulation is hanging down and full of moisture. Mold is on the floor joists, sub floor, and support beams.


After removing the insulation, we are able to treat the whole area for mold. Blasting all sides and spraying a non-toxic mold preventative afterwards. As you can see, it's back to looking like a new house under there again!


Encapsulate your crawl space!

Whether you have mold in your crawl space now and want to protect it after the mold is removed, or you are being proactive and just want to protect your biggest investment from ever getting mold, an encapsulation is the only true way to do that. Encapsulating your crawl space seals it off from the outside elements. Whether that be water intrusion, humidity, or pests. 

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