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Encapsulation Tips: Condensate Pump

If you prefer to watch our video on this topic, click here.

Why do we install condensate pumps with your dehumidifier anyway? That water being taken in by the dehumidifier needs to get pumped out and away, and these pumps are the mechanisms we rely upon to do so. So the dehumidifier drains out the drain line and technically, as long as you have a nice downward slope in the direction you need to drain, you can let gravity do it's thing and get that water out. Great!

The reason we at The Crawlspace Ace don't like to rely upon the gravity method, is that the downward slope isn't exactly the same degree of slope for the entirety of it's path. Water doesn't tend to travel uphill. When you do get those upward angles, its going to back up the system, back up the dehumidifier, and cause plenty of issues that we're trying to avoid. Something else to consider, the bacteria overgrowth that can occur when that water is backed up and not traveling as it is intended- out and away from the crawlspace- well that's not going to be a pretty picture if that is allowed to happen. One way to circumvent those potential issues, is to have that condensate pump installed. With the pump, that water will be able to travel both up and down whatever slope you're dealing with to help that water exit the crawlspace.

Otherwise, if you choose to forgo the condensate pump, you're limited in where you can install the dehumidifier in the crawlspace. Some companies' work I've witnessed has been to put the dehumidifier directly next to the sump pump, seemingly to avoid having to use a condensate pump, and drain the dehumidifier right into the sump pump. However, sump pumps generally need to be installed in the lowest point in the crawlspace to be the most effective, usually in a corner. And where do you want to avoid placing a dehumidifier? In a corner. Dehumidifier's work most efficiently when placed in a nice, central location, where the most air flow can reach it. Putting it in the corner so the drainage seems like a simple solution may be the easiest route, but your method of keeping your crawlspace clean and dry takes a major hit in efficiency.

Ultimately, I would highly recommend installing a condensate pump with any dehumidifier you put in. They're fairly inexpensive, especially when considering the benefits they allow for your encapsulation to be highly effective in keeping your crawlspace dry. Hope this has helped, and as always, when in doubt contact a local professional to assist with your crawlspace needs. Thanks for reading!



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