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Why Are My Floors Sagging?

Sagging Floors

Noticing sagging in your floors can be alarming and inconvenient, but it's a common issue faced by many homeowners in Western Kentucky. This problem often points to insufficient structural support, which can stem from a variety of causes. In homes with basements, sagging floors in living areas often indicate a lack of reinforcement due to either faulty construction practices or the removal of support posts. During construction, contractors estimate the weight load the structure will bear, and exceeding this threshold can lead to floor sagging. Additionally, homeowners may remove support posts for aesthetic reasons, which might not cause immediate issues but can lead to sagging floors over time as weight accumulates.

Termite Damage

In homes with crawl spaces, the causes of insufficient support differ. The most common issue is moisture damage, often due to groundwater entering the crawl space or a long-term, unnoticed plumbing leak. Termite damage is another culprit, as growing infestations weaken structural integrity. Poor construction practices also contribute, particularly when load-bearing walls are not properly supported. If a load-bearing wall is not positioned above a main support, it will start to sag over time. Once supports are damaged, whether by water, termites, or poor construction, the subfloor and flooring can sag and separate.

Insufficient Support

In addition to sagging floors, homeowners might notice humps or uneven areas. These too indicate insufficient support and can occur when structural elements such as joists or beams warp or shift due to moisture damage, termite infestation, or subpar construction.

Whether from faulty construction, removed support posts, or exceeding weight thresholds in homes with basements, sagging, uneven or humps in floors should not be ignored. In homes with crawl spaces,

moisture damage, termite infestation, and poor construction practices need to be addressed and modified immediately to avoid more severe structural damage and safety risks. Addressing the root causes promptly is crucial to maintaining the structural integrity of the home.

Full Floor Replacement

Don't hesitate to seek professional help if you have concerns or encounter structural damage . Timely action can save you money and protect your home. Give us a call at (270) 556-7075 or fill out our contact form here, and we will do an on-site consultation to address the issues.

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